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What is #happyyc?

In summer 2014, Intelligent Futures hit the streets of Calgary to find out what places make Calgarians happy. With a stack of map cards, coloured pencils, and a trusty sandwich board, the team visited local festivals, significant and not-so significant public spaces, and received over 130 completed maps. We think that by understanding the places that people love, planners, designers, architects, citizens and community organizations alike can help make more happy happen.


The Maps

Over 130 Calgarians illustrated their happy maps, noting their favourite places to eat, play, and everything in between. To those of you that took the time to create your map: thank you. It’s been an inspiring journey and hopefully we can all keep creating places in Calgary that make us happy.


See the Maps


The Book

Read our insights from the #happyyc process in glorious full colour.


Read the Book – 6.8mb

January 2016 Swerve Cover

“Instead, people sketched their favourite restaurants in neighbourhoods like Kensington, Mission and Inglewood…”

– Jennifer Allford

Read about #happyyc in Swerve, the Calgary Herald’s magazine.

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